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Maximo Application Suite 8.5 is now available

Maximo Application Suite is an integrated suite, enabling easier access to a full set of asset lifecycle applications, with flexibility to start at any point in the asset lifecycle and expand into other areas.

By Seno | July 28, 2021
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Maximo Application Suite is an integrated suite, enabling easier access to a full set of asset lifecycle applications, with flexibility to start at any point in the asset lifecycle and expand into other areas. This flexibility uses a simplified, suite-based licensing structure and does not require additional provisioning. Deployment flexibility, through Red Hat ® OpenShift ® and hybrid cloud, enables diverse options for provisioning Maximo Application Suite across multiple clouds, on premises, or hosted as a managed service on IBM Cloud ®.

Starting with IBM Maximo Manage and expanding access to asset performance management applications, the Maximo Application Suite portfolio of offerings can enable your organization to obtain operational visibility of assets through their lifecycle with the potential for faster ROI, increased productivity, and operational uptime.

The Maximo Application Suite streamlines installation and administration, while enhancing the user experience with shared data, workflow, and user experience. Infused with AI, this offering is purpose-built to accelerate digital transformation of traditional asset maintenance into AI-driven maintenance.

Maximo Application Suite includes the following:

  • IBM Maximo Manage
  • IBM Maximo Monitor
  • IBM Maximo Health
  • IBM Maximo Predict
  • IBM Maximo Health and Predict - Utilities
  • IBM Visual Inspection
  • IBM Visual Inspection Edge
  • IBM Maximo Assist
  • IBM Maximo Safety

New in Maximo Application Suite 8.5

  • Maximo Manage
    • Maintenance Cost Roll Up action can calculate the maintenance costs of a client's assets by integrating costs that incur for labor, material, tools, and services.
    • Geospatial fields are added to the Maximo Manage database to enable the mapping of assets and work orders on a map.
    • Enhancements to IBM Maximo Mobile with Technician and Inspections can be used with IBM Maximo Spatial in connected mode or disconnected mode.
  • Maximo Health and Predict - Utilities

    This release features several key user interface (UI) enhancements in Maximo Health and Predict - Utilities, including the capability to see lines and polygons on the asset map view with a representative score with indicative color coding.

    These enhancements enable the reliability engineer to see and clearly identify container objects, such as regions and substations, on the map, and drill down into those container objects to access the contained objects. If there are too many items to display, the system automatically clusters the items on the map.

    This release also includes additional predefined asset health models for gas circuit breakers, vacuum circuit breakers, and overhead transmission wires.

  • Maximo Monitor
    • Enhanced alert table
    • Display alerts on the line chart using UI widget
    • Scalability improvements for asset analysis and navigation
    • Integration support with Omnio Edge third-party add-on for IBM Maximo Application Suite
  • Maximo Visual Inspection

    The Maximo Visual Inspection Edge add-on is enhanced with a ready-to-use solution that enables business users to analyze images and videos from cameras and generate rule-based alerts. The enhancement introduces a self-intuitive UI where AI-powered workflows can be quickly created and enabled. The models for inference can be downloaded locally to an edge node or can be accessed remotely on an instance of Maximo Visual Inspection.

  • Maximo Assist
    • Embedded installation and management of Apache CouchDB database component
    • Adoption of Maximo Application Suite second generation operator for automatic deployment
  • Maximo Mobile
    • Enhancements to capabilities related to Mobile Technician and Inspection applications:
      • Capability to create and edit work orders and follow-up work orders online or in offline mode
      • Capability to record item actuals
      • Capture of GPS
      • Enhanced labor reporting
    • Configuration and administration:
      • Capability to duplicate applications
      • Capability to maintain application-specific properties
    • Other enhancements:
      • Globalization and support of the set of languages supported by Maximo Application Suite
      • Master Data Management support for AppConfig
      • Improvements to the data download process
      • Serviceability enhancements that are related to logs and debug options
      • Improvements to online or offline detection and login process
  • Maximo Safety
    • Continued stabilization, integration of fixes and optimize performance

Maximo Application Suite 8.5 core updates

  • Consumption metering for Maximo Application Suite
    • Additional reporting for usage and event data
    • Call home or air gap reporting logic for consumption metering


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