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- Plant and production (for example oil, gas, chemicals, mining, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food, electronics, and power generation) - Infrastructure (including railways, highways, telecommunications, water and wastewater, and electric and gas distribution networks) - Transportation (for military, airlines, trucking, shipping, rail and other use) - Real estate and facilities (for example, in offices, schools and hospitals)

A Start Center is a page that gives you quick access to the tools and key performance indicators (KPIs) that you use most frequently. You can change the appearance of the Start Center and can have multiple Start Centers. All your Start Centers are accessible from the main Start Center page. To see the most up-to-date data in your key performance indicators (KPI), click Update in the KPI section. Each Start Center is based on a template. Each security group is assigned a Start Center template. When you log on to the system, you see a Start Center that is based on the template for the security group to which you are assigned. If you belong to more than one security group, you might see more than one tab. Each tab is a Start Center for a different security group. A user with administrative rights can create and change templates, update portlets, and change the appearance of the Start Center. A user with administrative rights can also control which portlets you see and can configure.