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IBM Maximo EAM Add-on

Enhance your Maximo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution with these powerful add-ons.

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Maximo Scheduler

Plan, schedule, and assign the maintenance and service worker with an easy-to-use work management solution embedded in Maximo. An easy-to-use to configure maintenance planning tool used to optimize your resource usage and ensure efficient work scheduling. Utilize the graphical view to easily identify and adjust the resources based on your business objective.

It offers a data-driven approach with up-to-date, real-time status on work orders, resources & their calendars, shifts, availability, asset & location requirements through pre-built integration to Maximo EAM. The data-driven approach in combination with prescriptive analytics powered by enterprise-grade optimization capabilities help drive better insights and automation of decision-making into the processes.


Image source from IBM Maximo

Maximo scheduler is displayed on a Gantt chart to view or manage all the maintenance activity and the available service worker in your organization optimally.
Maximo scheduler offers smart, data-driven scheduling tools to help you identify possible scheduling conflicts that might arise from multiple concurrent work orders that might require the same resources.

IWMS - powered by Maximo

An Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) that enables real estate and facilities management professionals to react quickly to change, make strategic space and occupancy decisions, and care for their occupants by providing a single source of truth. Utilize this add-on to project the cost/square, hourly cost, and use it to calculate your profit per square or per hour or per person.

An IWMS centralizes and integrates processes to improve the effectiveness of a distributed workforce and increase space utilization. It also accelerates the configuration of an organization's workplace in vital areas.
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Top: Underutilized space; Bottom: Optimized space

Talian Maximo Open Platform Communication (OPC) Adapter

Maintain your assets in real-time and automatically send a work order to the maintenance team. This adapter will help your Maximo exchange data with your industrial hardware devices, giving in and out data to/from the sensor/PLC/SCADA/Historian and inform you in real-time of the change happening in your assets.

There is three typical use that is relevant for using Talian Maximo OPC Adapter: 

  • Alarm/event-based
    • Work-order/inspection automatic generation
    • Asset up/down status

  • Meter reading
    • Meter based preventive maintenance (Continuous type meter)
    • Condition monitoring (Gauge type meter)

Mobile Solution This.id

A mobile solution for in-field service workers that enables usage and log recording without connecting to the internet, ensuring fast response time and real-time reactivity.

  •  Track the location of your workers based on work orders.

  • Online and offline mode to keep you connected.

  • Receive work orders in real-time when the device is connected.

  • Scan barcodes or QR codes from your assets.


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Kisi - WMS

Use Warehouse Management System (WMS) to improve your productivity, traceability, visibility, and stock counting on your warehouse, embedded in your Maximo.

  •  Manage inventory data, bin location, quantity, and all attributes in one place.

  • Easier cycle count by scanning RFID tags.

  • Track and trace expiry date, batch/lot no., serial number, and other attributes based on RFID serial number.

  • A system-directed putaway to help you put the goods in the right place.

  • Reduce human error and speed up the process by minimizing manual entry to the system. A system-directed putaway to help you put the goods in the right place.

Maximo Service Provider

Fully support service as a business with Maximo for Service Providers, where you can manage customer agreements, service delivery, customer billing, and supplier contracts.

IBM Maximo Service Provider offers two solutions, managed (external) and internal, to help you improve service and reduce cost in the increasing complexity of your customer's demands.
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  •  Maintain the agreement between provider and customer.

  • Record all maintenance activities and calculate the price based on customer agreement.

  • Review your billing at the end of the period.

  • Use a response plan to assign the person or group to handle service requests.

  • Configure your security group and data object restriction to keep everything safe from a data breach.

Maximo Asset Configuration Manager

Ensure all your high-value, complex, and regulated assets meet the requirements of an allowable configuration. This works for your aircraft, rail vehicles, engines, weapon systems, and so on. Maximo Asset Configuration Manager can display the structure of an asset as of the past date inside the Assets (CM) application, which also displays maintenance, meter, installation, and removal history.
Maximo Asset Configuration Manager provides real-time calculation of an asset's configuration and the life of each component of the asset. It helps to accurately perform system and component analysis and reporting to a leading to improved reliability, increased compliance in regulated industries, and lower maintenance costs.

Maximo Calibration

Ensure all your assets perform at acceptable levels through calibration, comparing performance to a standard of known accuracy. This service is to make sure no errors that diminish efficiency, compromise product quality, damage plant asset, increase the operational cost, or reduce profits.


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  •  Automate the calibration processes across your organisation.

  • Leveraging full traceability and reverse traceability.

  • Calibrate anywhere using handheld computers.

  • Enhance accuracy and reporting of instrument calibration to help address regulatory compliance.

Maximo Spatial

Maximo Spatial Asset Management enables you to capture, analyze, and display assets, locations, and work orders on a geospatial map and visualize the spatial relationships among managed assets and other mapped features. You will be able to view, query, navigate, and report on Maximo data through its geospatial information.

Enhance your own Maximo Spatial solution by working together with our trained and experienced IBM Spatial Service consultant, to help you determine the optimum configuration for your system.


Image source from IBM Watson IoT

Maximo Linear

Extend the capacity of your EAM IBM Maximo for intensive and highly regulated industries such as railway, roadway, oil and gas, and utilities. These linear assets have unique requirements that demand a unique asset management approach, called continuous or linear asset management.
  •  Manage continuous assets with dynamic segmentation.

  • Automate asset lifecycle management.

  • Better manage compliance reporting efforts.

  • Accurately evaluate operational status.

  • Reduce cost and enable proactive maintenance planning.

Maximo Asset Health Insights

Get insight for your business assets to bring improved accuracy and detail to reliability engineers and maintenance supervisors.
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  •  Consolidate information around business asset health, including asset history and real-time and historical sensor data.

  • Define and normalize asset health based on key drivers such as remaining useful life, maintenance and failure history, overdue preventive maintenance, and condition based on the real-time and historical meter and sensor information and weather.

  • Drill into business assets by location, hierarchy, or asset class to understand the full context of the health of critical assets.

  • Leverages real-time information and analytics using the IBM WatsonTM Internet of Things Platform, along with other information sources such as current and historical weather.

Maximo Archiving

Remove your historical data from a production system to be stored in an archive file. You can then view the archived file contents through Maximo Archiving Adapter for InfoSphere Optim Data Growth Solution, or restore it to a reporting database which then can be viewed using Maximo Asset Management reports and applications.


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Maximo Health Safety & Environment Manager

Reduce overall risk, comply with appropriate regulations, and create a safe yet efficient operating environment by providing a foundational enterprise platform that integrates Health Safety & Environment Manager processes with work and asset management.

With HSE Manager you can use the related records capability inherent to Maximo to relate work, incident management, investigation of unresolved incidents, and management of subsequent change. 


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