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Game-Changer For GeoThermal Energy, A Look Into IBM Maximo

Talian implement IBM Maximo EAM at two major geothermal plants - adding service portfolio in clean renewable power plants

By Seno | September 06, 2021
Talian implement Maximo at two major geothermal plants

When it comes to power or electricity generation, geothermal energy is arguably one of the most advantageous solutions there are. Geothermal energy is not only sustainable and renewable, this environmentally-friendly resource is also more reliable than other conventional energy sources, such as solar and wind. The rapid evolution of geothermal technology also opens up many improvements in the energy process, making each geothermal power plant an efficient and cost-friendly answer to all users.

That's why it does not come as a surprise when powerful countries such as the US continue to look into the use of geothermal energy as the main power, as well as to achieve the national decarbonization goals. It is reported that United States geothermal power capacity has increased to 3.673 GW at the end of 2019, and a new purchase of 7 geothermal power plants online is already in action. 

As one of the developing countries in the world, Indonesia is not far behind in its geothermal energy plan. Located in the ring of fire or volcanoes line, Indonesia has an upper hand in terms of geographic resources. With an estimated 177 geothermal projects planned in Indonesia, the government sees investment needs of around $30 billion to add the planned 5,800 MW in power generation capacity by 2030. 

In order to accelerate the development of geothermal energy, the government is currently drafting a Presidential Regulation on renewable new energy. When managed properly, Indonesia is set to be one of the countries with geothermal resources that power households with clean and sustainable energy.

IBM Maximo - Optimizing Geothermal Power Plants With Rich Technology

In its operation, the geothermal energy sector cannot be separated from fixed costs including installation and Operation & Maintenance (O&M) expenses. The O&M costs are the most sensitive throughout the life cycle of the power plant and specify the economic operation of any power plant. 

For this specific reason, geothermal power plants must already prepare a foundation plan in operation and maintenance cost. Through well thought-out and careful maintenance strategies, as well as utilizing critical assets effectively, a power plant has a bigger chance in tapping and unleashing its best potential. Combined with regulatory compliance in environmental aspects, asset management remains crucial in the long-term success of the power plant industry.

With these perspectives in mind, TALIAN continues to establish itself as one of the most trusted enterprise asset management implementer companies, including in the geothermal sector. By improving the existing process with IBM Maximo system, TALIAN has successfully handled 2 major geothermal projects based in Sumatra during 2021 and achieved a supply of 550 MW clean energy for more than 200,000 homes in the region.

NoLocation and SizeOn Cloud / On PremProject Description
1North Sumatra, 3 x 110 MWOn CloudMaximo EAM 7.6.1 improvement, integrating with Microsoft Dynamic AX 
2South Sumatra, 2 x 110 MWOn PremiseMaximo EAM 7.6.1 new implementation, integrating with Oracle JDE and permit to work systems

Both projects applied the IBM Maximo system, one of which is recorded as the world's largest Geothermal Power Plant in a single contract. The other is an entirely new geothermal facility, also started implementing with the trademarked system. Using  IBM Maximo , Talian has supported both customers in the proper management of the asset life cycle and workflow process efficiently. With its highly adaptive and flexible workflow engine together with available integration adapters, IBM Maximo is a future-proof system.

IBM Maximo EAM Implementation With TALIAN

As an industrial solution provider, TALIAN works as your expert partner in enterprise asset management. Having worked with some of the best global names in the industry, TALIAN strives to provide world-wide solutions and bring value to many power plants in the energy industry. 

Our professional team has worked using IBM Maximo seamlessly, allowing all power plants regardless of size, asset or location to ensure conformity and reduce costs. With high standards of maintenance and management methods, TALIAN is well-versed in applying IBM Maximo for Preventive Maintenance (PM), Condition Monitoring (CM), and Corrective Maintenance (CM).

In detail, IBM Maximo solution enables teams to minimize or plan for the worst through several maintenance strategies like the PM method, where it records and learns from experience, records the results of root cause failure analysis, and prevents future failures. On the other hand, the Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) method is used for maintenance strategy. Some elements of RCM are Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), and Failure Rate (FR). After understanding the RCM, the corporation can ensure the equipment reliability, safe manner, and cost effectiveness with the CM method. 

It is important to note that IBM Maximo together with other systems also function as a fully-integrated system, which covers ERP/ Finance and accounting, HR resources and more. Assisted by TALIAN experts, all business aspects will be managed closely to achieve a highly standardized,  automated, and controlled workflow with no room for errors. 

Needless to say, IBM Maximo is an ultra powerful management system set to be the standard method for future power plants in the global landscape. To implement this game-changing technology successfully, TALIAN is ready to be your specialist partner in the geothermal power plant industry. For more information, contact us oday. 


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