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Enterprise-worthy tools and devices to heighten productivity, simplify management, and ease integration in your organization.

Alleviate your Enterprise Mobility Pain

Zebra's Mobility DNA provides superior technology genes for superior enterprise mobility, with an entire ecosystem developed to support business, productivity, management, and development.

Business Tools
Mobility DNA gives you powerful tools to maximize every resource, breaking free from inefficiencies and transforming your operations.

Productivity Tools
Increase efficiency and productivity, as Mobility DNA embodied enterprise characteristics and built on the user-friendly Android interface.

Development Tools
Mobility DNA seamlessly integrates with existing and legacy infrastructures, containing the code for faster, smarter, and easier enterprise, mobile app development.

A Complete RFID Lineups

Inventory tracking is a major part of your business. There's always the pressure to work at a brisker pace; your customer would want their order to always be in stock and quickly found by your staff. However, oftentimes problems will arise when the RFID is not properly engineered. Metal and liquids can do havoc on RFID, also a tag and frequency often collide.

Zebra comes as your solution, with extensive experiences and experts who have engineered every aspect of RFID. With Zebra, every component of your business talks to one another and also with your existing systems. You can focus on your business, and let Zebra handle the technology.

Made for Your Environment, Application, and Conditions

Transportation and Logistics



Retail and Hospitality

Handheld and Hands-free RFID Readers

Track, trace, tally assets in real-time, so you can easily and accurately handle your RFID with ease.

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