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Build and improve applications or tools through a collaborative effort from people with different backgrounds.


Mendix offers no-code and low-code with visual and model-driven development concepts to speed up and transform application development. With no-code tools are intended for non-developer users (business analyst, business developer, etc) and low-code tools are intended for a wide range of developers, organizations are enabling both groups to collaborate on a single platform and be focused on achieving the same goal.

Mendix supports the application through its full lifecycle with an integrated set of tools designed to do so. Starting with business requirements management, teams can create a backlog of user stories, Sprints, and release plans.

Developers can then rapidly build these user stories, continuously merge models, ship revisions for automated testing, refactor feedback from the built-in feedback mechanism and collaboration features of the platform, and deploy using the Mendix Developer Portal. The Mendix Application Test Suite (ATS) can be used for automated testing. Finally, end-users can use the app's built-in feedback mechanism.

Mendix Product Lifecycle