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IBM Maximo EAM

Takes the power, performance and possibilities of asset management to an entirely new level.

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Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) IBM Maximo

Transform how your organizations manage its assets

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) IBM Maximo takes the management of your company's critical assets and resources to a new level, all in a single platform. Maximo unifies comprehensive asset life cycle and maintenance management to reduce maintenance costs and increase production capacity, with no capital investment in production equipment.

Integrated capabilities of EAM IBM Maximo

  • Location/function, work, and cost history

  • Roll-up costs.

  • Asset modeling

  • Improved asset safety

Utilize EAM IBM Maximo to benefit your company

Improve return on assets

Decrease costs and risk

Increase productivity

Improve asset-related decision making

Increase asset service delivery responsiveness

Aid regulatory compliance efforts & lower the ownership cost

Recognized throughout the globe

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) IBM Maximo has been consistently recognized as the world-leading Enterprise Asset Management software since 1996.

EAM is the lifecycle management of the physical assets of an organization. An asset can be such things as machines, equipment, tools, buildings, plants, vehicles, or ships. 

The more mature your asset maintenance strategy is, the more value it will show to the business. 

Enhance your EAM solutions

Do more with your EAM IBM Maximo with these add-ons not included in the core Maximo.

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