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Vetasi CEO Jarosław Łukasiewicz’s whirlwind journey concludes in high spirits with Talian in Jakarta.

Jarosław Łukasiewicz, CEO of Vetasi, recently went on a marathon business trip.

By Eva Natalia | September 27, 2022
Talian Team

Starting his business trip in Bangkok, he supported the Talian team while also representing the Vetasi group. From Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to meet with the Talian company, MUSI, and then to Jakarta to meet with the rest of Talian team. 

Jaroslaw spend some quality time with the entire Talian team: "In the Vetasi group, my responsibility and focus is on the development of our global strategy, investments and new markets. I truly believe that engaging with and learning from the local market's unique challenges, as well as adapting to the local processes and procedures, is essential for a synergetic global partnership and a critical instrument for exhilarating business in new countries." 

Jaroslaw also spend some time with IBM Indonesia's Leadership team. Vetasi and Talian are both IBM Gold Partners and collectively the biggest IBM Maximo consultants for Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia. This meeting gave all teams the opportunity to share deeper insight into these specific industries, and discuss some opportunities and strategies to build on the partnership between these incredible teams. 

Jaroslaw finished his journey on a positive note by spending time with the Talian Team. The takeaway from the get-together was extremely positive with a message of global support between the Vetasi Group and Talian. A strategy and vision were created to see the way forward for more knowledge sharing between the territories and forming a bigger and stronger global project and supporting team. 

PS. Jarek enjoys eating Durian (King Fruit) as a speed test to engage locally


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