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TALIAN working from home

Due the pandemic situation, TALIAN goes 100% working from home. On site visit by our consultants should be planned carefully

By Seno | June 15, 2021
Working from home

Starting March 2020, we're in COVID-19 pandemic condition. To prevent the spreading of the viruses to our family and society, TALIAN management decide to adopt the working from home scheme. All Talianers will work from their own home/apartments, while continue to serve to our customers. Our office in Jakarta is still open but we dont welcome our guest at the moment. We are still maintaining some enough space for some activities (mainly administrative) that need to be performed in the office. 

Customers may request us to visit on site for a certain works or activities to complete a project. Talian and the customer need to plan the on site work carefully. If there is a way to perform the activity online, we strongly recommend that this kind of activities will be performed using online channel. In the situation where a quarantine is required before entering a certain customer location, we have to adhere the procedure and plan ahead carefully, including to plan how to reach the customer location. If a travel required to reach the destination, Talian will avoid to use public transportation, and only use our owned transport facilities. In the case the long distance travel is required, a pre and post travel COVID-19 test are mandatory required. 

This situation is a new one to all of us. Not a single one in this planet ever experience this pandemic situation before. We are continue learning the situation, and hoping the pandemic will stop soon.

Stay safe  

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TALIAN working from home

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