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Talian showcases their OPC Adapter Solution at Enlit Asia 2022

Enlit Asia is the biggest event for Energy and Utility in Asia and Europe, for which we have waited for a couple of years.

By Eva Natalia | September 23, 2022
Adi show Talian OPC adapter demo kit

Enlit Asia is a very significant event on Talian's yearly calendar. 

As a IBM Gold Partner, we have implemented most of our Maximo projects at power plants and we are true Energy and Utility experts. Enlit Asia gives us the platform to create an opportunity to inform the same industry about our OPC Adaptor solutions as the perfect addition to their enterprise asset management processes. Talian showcased their demo kit on the 20th of September at the IBM Booth, which provided the delegates with a real-life illustration of how the Talian OPC Adapter works. 

The OPC Adapter Technical Specification

The OPC Specifications are based on the OLE, COM, and DCOM. The specifications define a standard set of objects, interfaces, and methods for use in process control and manufacturing automation applications to facilitate interoperability.   

In addition to real-time, there are several other OPC protocols. One of them is OPC-HDA which allows access and retrieval of archived/historical data. It gives the user a solution for digital re-invention that is disrupting the operation model for asset-incentive industries.

The results: 15%-50% reduced operational cost and an increase of 10%-20% uptime and availability.

Many delegations from the power generation sector visited the IBM booth and had the opportunity to be impressed by the Talian OPC Adapter. The majority saw a direct correlation between the every day challenges they face with regards to their asset management and where the Talian OPC Adaptor could immediate add value to their processes.  

Seno Hardijanto and Jaroslaw Lukasiewicz represented Talian and Vetasi, and they led the conversations at the booth and were able to go deeply into the solutions' specifics. Adi Rowi demonstrated the OPC capabilities and Dave Dewanto gave insight into exactly how this solution will increase the value of the asset and add to your overall revenue positively. 

Thank you to both IBM and Enlit Asia for providing us the opportunity to showcase the Talian OPC Adaptor.


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Talian showcases their OPC Adapter Solution at Enlit Asia 2022

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