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In the mining industry, business process efficiency is achieved by tracking the financial and operational performance of assets in real-time, as well as warranty management.

Benefit of using EAM IBM Maximo for The Mining Industry

  1. Single platform for managing all types of assets, work, safety, operations, and supply chain.
  2. Integrated Solution with a robust workflow engine promotes operational excellence by eliminating process bottlenecks and supporting effective work execution.
  3. Open standards-based Architecture with modern technology infrastructure.
  4. Accurate reporting and Analysis.
  5. Improve safety, security, health, environmental, and quality requirements, and reduce risk and administrative time.

There are case studies on how EAM give an impact on the mining industry https://www.vetasi.com/case-studies/south-african-mine 


EAM accelerator solution for mining industry challenge

Industry Challenges :

Miners continue to confront challenges that impact their ability to deliver value including:
  • a commitment to workforce safety
  • a focus on cost containment and effective stay in business capital investment
  • the shortage of skills and retention of knowledge
  • the drive for continuous improvement toward operational excellence
  • environmental and regulatory compliance
  • the efficient & effective Life Cycle Management of Physical Assets

IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Accelerator solution for mining is more than software. It provides a pre-configured integrated process, standards, and advisory services that empower Mining organizations to address these challenges and deliver sustainable business value.

Source Mining | Vetasi Ltd