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Low Code Application Platform by Mendix

Build an application without coding and just drag and drop to the lifecycle chart, actually more reduce time and cost. It's still powerful because can integrate with any system, and can build on any platform anytime, anywhere.

By Eva Natalia | January 14, 2022
Low Code Application Platform

The business challenge that never ends is the pace of technology. Since the number of unicorns rise, the market has also changed and updated. It forces the company to digitalize its business models, it is not the choice again but a necessity. We know it is a need much time to build and develop the application to digitalize the way of business. And in the middle of digitalizing, we were hit by a pandemic with new regulation that requires face-to-face restrictions. The development is not just about digitalizing but has to be faster to be used immediately.

This digitalizing process has to be simple to develop and build, compact can be used in every platform, coverage of all business needed can integrate with existing running systems, and is also user-friendly to be used so the business still running well to respond to the market demand. Mendix Low Code Application Platform is a breaker traditional silos in building applications. With low code and no code to accelerate the development process, automate every step of the application lifecycle to give a variety of solutions, integrate with existing or future systems, and also can give multi experiences in any platform.

Then why did the enterprise choose Mendix? There are some conditions like leveraging the entire workforce for software development, developing solutions with uncompromising architecture, creating engaging experiences for employees and customers, and proven execution at any scale.

What Mendix can do :

1.       It is a simple collaborative design application but huge capability within. The information can receive from any source but it's a secure and easy to access place. Mendix can integrate with Multiple CAD applications from different engineering disciplines. Otherwise, Mendix is also agile to integrate with PLM and data management applications, including Teamcenter or another database. Then all internal and external users can collaborate securely with the same version visibility, traceability with no more ad-hoc emails, and closed-loop updates to the digital twin.

2.      It is a troubleshooting application. Besides integrating with PLM, Mendix also integrates with Advanced Analytics, Product intelligence, legacy, and core system include MRP and ERP, and Manufacturing Execution System. So the application can connect the silos, give alarms and assign alerts to the right people, so the downtime can be reduced with faster troubleshooting. 

3.      It is a Production Analysis Application. With integration with IoT systems, it can get real-time information from AI and machine learning, then C-Suite can produce the weekly, monthly, or quarterly based on demand to count financial savings achieved.

4.      It is a Compliance Application for auditing and other compliance purposes. With all of the integration with other systems it shares a real-time digital record in every step of the lifecycle, so can quickly give auditors regulators the information they request.

Moreover, many of the core industries and financial companies attest Mendix successfully attain rapidly launched new products and business models, digitized customer engagement, improve operational efficiency, modernized the core system. Feel the easiest way to Multi-experience in an application for any channel, any device, online and offline, smart and connected.

At the moment, Gartner is tracking at least 200 vendors that are considered to be in the low-code. It is no surprise because of this efficiency in time, effort, and cost. It is predictably that by 2025, 70% of new applications developed by enterprises will use low-code or no-code technology.

Mendix is as easy as just dragging and dropping to build a lifecycle on your applications. But if need integration or modification it can be custom with simple code in this development. It can be launched on multi-platforms, and user friendly to work in mobile applications.

Talian successfully implements Mendix as a banking application in just 3 months, when traditional methods need at least 18 months to build and run an application platform. Now, your business threats are not the pace of technology or the competitor's company, but your decision to choose to start right now, or wait till all is late to start.

 Â·        Information Sources: Siemens High Spot and Mendix website. 


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