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Asset Health Monitoring

Struggling to understand the value of asset health monitoring? Why even use premium EAM software to manage your physical asset, when Excel has been working all this time?

By Eva Natalia | December 21, 2022

Let us give you insight into asset health monitoring and what benefits your organization will immediately derive from it.

Assets increase as your organization grows. We waste time and are overwhelmed with work when we manage multiple and complex assets manually. The goal of monitoring asset health is to reduce downtime and unplanned costs. For example, an oil and gas company with a business problem might offer drag reduction agents and custom injection equipment to improve pipeline capacity and overall throughput performance. On the other hand, it is difficult to monitor and maintain over 800 skids (and growing) in a cost-effective manner while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. 

To address this challenge, IBM Maximo Asset Monitor connects to devices on skids and uses AI-powered anomaly detection to highlight skid problems.

When a critical anomaly-based alert is raised, send a service request to Maximo. What Business Value Was Provided?

  • Allow operations teams to detect problems early and visualize analytics from field-deployed skids.

  • Reduced problem resolution time by more than 20%, significantly reducing costly downtime.

  •        Improved visibility and management of deployed assets for end users. Remote Condition Monitoring technologies have recently matured.         

This asset monitoring does the following : 

a. Learns behavior based on historical data

b. Accounts for factors such as load/ambient

c. Dynamic alerting ranges

d. Early detection of emerging issues

 They developed capabilities for :

a. Ingest data through MQTT and SCADA connectors

b. Easily Configurable dashboard: No-Code widgets

c. Enterprise-wide view of the operation

d. Shared Asset Hierarchy with Manage

e. Feed meters with Monitor data for Condition Based Maintenance

f. Generation of Service Request 

This IBM Maximo Monitoring with AI-based Anomaly Detection at the Enterprise scale impact Business Value: reducing unplanned downtime, shorten the duration of outages, increasing production output, and most important decreasing wasted time investigating false-positive alerts.

Still curious about what else IBM Maximo can give a contribution to easier your work and improve productivity? Please visit talian.com and reach out to an expert on our Whatsapp channel .  Stay up to date with all EAM and related business solutions, follow Talian on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/talian .

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